Why People Relocate To Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston, South Carolina is popular for its history. It served as a trading hub for the Atlantic region of the US. However, it is best known for its war history as it was a battleground during the American Revolution and civil war. There are many reasons to live in Charleston, South Carolina. Below are some of the major reasons why people move to Charleston:

It is a good place to raise a family
People choose to relocate to Charleston because it is a good place to raise a family. There are many homes and neighborhoods that meet family needs. The city also has some of the best public school districts and private schools. In addition to the great schools, Charleston also has kid oriented places such as the SC Aquarium, beaches and County Park.

It is located near the beach
People who move to Charleston are usually attracted by the beaches and want to live near the beach. There is a great selection of beaches in Charleston. Suffers prefer Folly beach while the kiteboarding community prefers Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s island.

Many visitors like going to the beach near the local piers. You find locals on Station 22 on Sullivan’s island, a walking distance to Poe’s Tavern and other popular bars and restaurants on the island.

The city has great weather
Charleston enjoys a semitropical climate with four seasons. Summers are usually long, warm and humid while winter is short and mild. Spring and fall in Charleston are very pleasant with temperatures in the mid-60s and 70s. Charleston has nice weather from March until November.

Real estate prices are relatively low
Even during the peak of the market boom, the sales prices in Charleston have never greatly exceeded the actual home values. The real estate market in Charleston offers a great selection of single family homes, condos and apartments at affordable prices.

Charleston is a culinary and art destination
Charleston is popular for its culinary and art history. Many exhibitions have been held to describe the Lowcountry food ways that influenced the local cuisine. Historic downtown Charleston has many great restaurants and hotels.

Art galleries and museums are also another reason why many people choose to live in Charleston. The Art Institute of Charleston ensures that many talented chefs and artists get educated and stay in the city.

The city is surrounded by history
When you live in Charleston, you don’t have to go to the museum to experience the history that the city has to offer. Historic buildings such as Battery and Fort Moultrie surround the city. These historic buildings and sites have been preserved and restored making Charleston a desired travel destination.