Safari Club Apartments

The name as is just as cute as the apartment, it is located at 990 Logan Street. The Safari Club has located the heart of the Capitol Hill safari club. It is within walking distance to downtown Denver. It is close to the Washington Park and uptown and Cherry Creek bike path.  The on-site managers have a good reputation for being friendly and inviting. The bus is just a block away. These apartments range from six hundred and fifty square feet to nine hundred and twenty-two square feet depending on your needs.

This apartment complex is customized with ventilation fans, a game room with ping pong tables and pool tables. It also has an indoor hot tub and an indoor swimming pool. It is equipped with a 24-hour fitness room for your access. Laundry facility on site and it is made of concrete construction to allow more privacy and a quiet place to relax.

These Denver apartments are not the state of the art but quaint and quiet with lots of entertainment. Being that downtown is within walking distance, I would say these apartments are accommodating for college students, single parents, couples, or just single. All your main stores and jobs right down the road so going to work if you work on that side of town. That would make it easier to commute without using a car, also well for the environment and you get your exercise.

There are schools nearby, one elementary school, two middle schools, and one high school. Colleges are nearby also for those that are allowed to live off campus this would be perfect. The University of Denver is there and the University of Colorado Denver and Metropolitan state college of Denver.

Denver is a bustling community with lots of luxuries; you just have to find them. Most apartments are between twelve hundred and two thousand dollars piece, so I am sure Safari Club is not much different. However, think of all the things you can do with nightlife down the road and all of the accommodations inside your complex. Any college student would enjoy living here. The only thing I see with Safari Club Apartments is they don’t advertise much. So if you find it jump on it, prices are awesome, and the facility is in great shape.

Since the apartments are a little smaller than the usual downtown Denver apartments. It would be great for those who want cheap and accommodating all in the same package. These apartments stand about ten to twelve stories high. They are equipped with modern appliances and a wood counter top. The kitchen is made of wood counter space and shaped like an “L”. They have off-street and garage parking available with AC and heat units in all apartments. The Safari Club Apartments also offers storage lockers on a site just in case you need to store things away for a while. They are known for their large windows with some leading out to a balcony. The bathrooms have his and her sinks just in case that is needed.

So if you’re looking for quaint, not too pricey, accommodating and within walking distance of everything, then these apartments are for you.