The Breakers in Apartments

There is an older styled Apartment complex called “The Breakers.” It is nestled back as is near a lake on Mississippi Ave. It has a 26,000 square feet recreation center. Also included a beautiful 60-acre lake with boats you can use when you want to take a ride on the lake. It has a lakeside gazebo so beautiful you can see the water glisten in the sunlight. If you are looking for beauty and solitude, this is your place. It is highly recommended. It is a little pricier than what citizens are used to, but it comes with so much, and the beauty of the place is worth so much more.

There is a grand entrance as you walk into the building and as you walk in the atmosphere just seems so relaxed. It seems so elegant and mature in style as is. There is a wraparound circle sofa in the center with a desk on the left. There is 24-hour front desk service so everyone can feel safe at home.  The apartments range 1200-1800 square foot, with a price range of one or two-bedroom apartment twelve hundred to nineteen hundred dollars a month. The yellow brick outside makes it look so old but in the inside so big, you would be surprised.

Inside the building, it is accommodated with a fitness center, business center, an indoor theater, and a pool table and a huge gymnasium and you have access to personal trainers. A lot of things to do on the inside and we have not hit the outside yet; that’s even better.  They even have a Starbucks inside; now that is hitting the jackpot.

What makes this place stand out from others is its majestic beauty outside. The outside area not only has a lake but inside the lake, there are geysers that shine at night. It also is equipped with an outdoor pool and at the front entrance a beautiful water fountain. The Breakers also has tennis courts, volleyball courts, and trails and a beautiful rock waterfall that would make anyone fall in love with the area. The nature trails are full of mountainous view and freshly mowed grass and a few small animals running around.

The Breakers is a great place to enjoy the accommodations of a hotel every day. With everyone so busy these days, it’s nice to come home and relax in a calm atmosphere. So you can recharge for the next day. The apartments are medium sized, but you are paying mainly for the amenities that come with it.

Some Schools nearby are as follows…

Greenlee K-8 School

Green Valley Elementary

Hill Campus Arts and Sciences Middle

George Washington High

Doing research on Denver Apartments has been informative. I have never seen so many beautiful apartment complexes and with all the amenities in any other city, I have visited. Since Denver is becoming a huge booming city right now. I would say it is one great choice. With all the job opportunities, schools, colleges, and apartment choices. This is a great choice and a smart one too. All of the Denver apartments I have researched seem also to have a home for all your four-legged friends.